Risingsun solar

removal & reinstallation

What happens when i need a new roof?

Excellent question! Simply stated, we take the panels down and allow your roofing contractor to do what they do best. Immediately thereafter we will re-install your panels. 

Generally speaking you can expect this to cost between $1,250-$3,750 depending on a few variables, but often times your insurance provider will pay us to do this work. 

Considering that solar saves the average homeowner around $72,000 over the first 25 years of ownership, you should not be concerned about this expense, even if you're forced to pay for this out of pocket. We cannot legally install on a roof in need of immediate repair so you can rest assured that your system would have saved you this much money, or more, by the time you need to replace your roof.

None of the hard work is being undone in this process and a lean crew of solar installers can perform this service quickly and effectively. Of course, every home is unique so if you would like a quote for removal and replacement please take a moment to tell us about your project and we'll provide that quote!